Best way to recover lost documents from crashed hard drive

Hard drive is a main part of your computer, which is used to store large number of documents in your computer. It is a non – volatile storage media and hence the saved data retains on it, even after the loss of power. All the system files and user documents are stored in a single hard drive. Hard drive capacity is mentioned in megabyte, gigabyte and terabyte. One can also make use of external hard drive, to keep backup of important documents or if you don’t have space in your computer hard drive.

Even though, hard drive is more secure to store files, sometimes you are unable to access files from it due to hard drive crash. The hard drive can get damage due to user errors or unknown software errors. Then to recover lost documents from crashed hard drive you can make use of some third party applications like hard drive recovery software. Whenever you have lost files from your computer, try to find the reasons behind it as you can avoid loss of files next time due to the same reasons.

Some of the major scenarios behind document loss from hard drive are explained below.

  • Most of the time you can lose important documents due to virus attack. This is one of the most common reasons and it can be prevented by installing quality antivirus software inside the system.
  • Sudden shutdown of your computer due to power failure can create serious data loss situations.  If your system turned off while you are working on your system, the file system of hard drive can get corrupt and then you cannot access any file from it.
  • Sometimes, large number of files can get delete due to user mistakes such as accidental deletion of partition, accidental formatting or re – formatting of hard drive, etc.

Apart from the above explained scenarios you can also lose documents due to partition corruption, occurrence of errors during file system conversion, accidental conversion of partition from dynamic to basic, etc. Thus you will find lot of reasons behind document loss from any storage device. Under such scenarios you can lose any type of files like excel file. Suppose the excel file having information regarding your client requirements, project work report and you have lost it due to some unexpected incidents. Then definitely it can affect on your business work. So, to overcome from this trouble you need to get back those excel file. Then you can recover lost excel document by making use of file recovery software. Using this tool you can also recover any other type of files from your computer hard drive.

The data recovery from the hard drive is possible until the deleted files are overwritten by new data. So, if you have deleted or lost files from any storage device do not use it to store new files before recovering all lost documents from it otherwise you will lose files permanently.

Hard drive recovery software is a good documents recovery application, which is designed with some inbuilt recovery modules. This software is built with a user friendly graphical user interface so that one can easily understand all the screen shots and there is no need of computer expert use this software. You can also use trial version of this application, to make sure that the software is suitable to recover your lost documents. You can get it from the professional company website. After downloading, just follow the given instructions. Finally it will give the list recovered files on your computer screen. Then you can view these documents using “data type view” or “file type view” option given in the software. If you have satisfied with the trial version of this software, purchase licensed version of it and save all recovered documents. The recovered documents can be saved in the same location or any other storage device which you desire.