Best way to repair zip archive file that is infected by virus

Zip is a file format that is utilized for data compression and archiving due to which file size gets reduced having an extension of .zip. It’s developed make a collection of files which are interrelated with each other in any way. Its other use is that big files can be made smaller and kept as a backup which may be utilized when any data is lost. Since these are done with special purpose it getting inaccessible can hamper one badly. So to prevent such circumstances one must have file repair utility like Zip File Repair Tool.

There are abounding varieties of scenario which may cause zip file getting corrupt. Some of such causes are files getting corrupt while downloading; file getting corrupt after uploading to FTP server, virus attack, CRC corruption, etc. Mostly any zip file gets corrupted because of incomplete downloading which are basically caused as a result of FCS error, 3rd party software, and error in a network connection. When for the first time you open any corrupt downloaded file it may show different error messages. So in this unusual situation, you need to be calm!!! So that it may be retrieved by the quality application that may recover corrupt files without performing any hectic task.

The other redundant error related to zip file occurs as a result of CRC corruption. The definition of CRC is abbreviated as Cyclic Redundancy Check which is employed for making data calculation over all the files within zipping to ensure the accuracy of transmission. Whenever we compress a file each file is allocated a CRC that is utilized while extracting the file from zip. When we extract any file the checksum allocated before is compared to the |the one that is extracted, if both remain same no problem arises but if they are different an error message appears. The issue in connection with CRC can take place while a transfer of a file from a net to the local computer or from any peripheral devices. So if you desire to avoid such problem you need to have Zip repair software which can effectively deal with problems related to compressed files.

A few of the dexterous features of this software are:

•           This software works on different versions of windows.

•           It supports different file formats like FAT16, FAT32, exFAT, NTFS and NTFS5.

•           File Repair Software easily repairs files after header corruption.

•           Within few minutes it scans and builds new repaired file at the anticipated location.

•           It repairs different formats of a zip file.

•           With ease, it repairs large zip files which might be even bigger than 4GB.

•           Repairs files which are stored on USB drives like SD cards, firewires, flash drives, etc.

•           It is able to repair files which are corrupted because of CRC (Cyclic Redundancy Check).


Therefore we can tell that this dynamic software can be used to repair any zip file which is stored at any location i.e. whether on the peripheral device or hard drive. One can easily download this software from internet for evaluation purpose.