Suitable solution to Retrieve FAT Partition

FAT file system is designed and developed in Feb 1976; basically it is coded to store programs and data on floppy disk. Later it is used in Windows, DOS Operating System and in flash memory cards, pen drives etc. The FAT (File Allocation Table) file system is simple and reliable. File system maintains information about files format, files name, date and time of creation, file attributes and file catalog table etc. This information is helps a lot to systems user to access the data efficiently, and to store data without nay conflicts. Thus file system becomes vital component of Operating system.

Some critical situation leads to deletion or lost of FAT files system. Your crucial data on FAT file system that has been lost because of formatting issues or by any unavoidable scenarios. And unable to restore deleted or loss of FAT partitions from Windows Operating System. Don’t worry!!! You can easily restore formatted FAT partitions by using FAT Partition recovery software. And at the same time you can also restore FAT partition from removable storage devices also without any difficulty by using this reliable tool. This tool is designed by data recovery experts.

Let us consider some other scenario where you may face error message like “File can’t open” or “File Format not supported” etc. Obviously one can work around the problem to resolve that, but if you may unable to find solution because some severe file system corruption. Well do not depress, just with few mouse clicks enough to restores valuable FAT files and folders by using FAT recovery utility. To check out its performance you have to step into company website. Let us discuss some other scenarios briefly.

Some common FAT partition deletion or loss cases:

  • Unintentionally using format option or selecting format option on unintended partition makes huge data loss along with partition.
  • The File Allocation Table partition of the systems drive gets deleted during Operating System re-installation process. During this if you accidentally selects delete option becomes most major data loss if you not have backup of that particular partition. No need to panic in this situation you can easily get that partition by using FAT recovery software. This application also helps you to recover files which are deleted from the recycle bin of Windows Operating System.
  • Corruptions of FAT file system because of formation of bad sectors in systems hard drive. Thus it becomes inaccessible to user.
  • When you resizing or merging FAT partitions by using any third party tool there are chances of deletion of partitions. Because of interruption like sudden system shut down or any errors while merging process.
  • The major cause for FAT partition deletion is due to powerful virus or spyware or malware or Trojans etc., will corrupts the FAT partition thus it becomes inaccessible.

Steps to avoid deletion or loss of FAT partition:

  • Follow necessary instruction carefully while reinstalling OS, merging partitions, and while resizing partition etc. And have connection of external power supply such as USP during these processes.
  • Have a habit of keeping backup of systems partition, because it contains huge amount of data.

 Look at more advanced features of FAT Recovery software:

FAT Recovery tool is suitable solution to restore FAT partition after accidental formatting/ reformatting and after faulty partitioning/ repartitioning the system hard drive.  It also rescues data from deleted or corrupted FAT partition in flash memory cards, external drives, pen drives etc.  And this program retrieves FAT partition from non booting devices and HDD having bad sectors also. Its advanced recovery engine made possible to restore 300 file formats. You may not face any complications while installing and running this utility because of its graphical interface. This tool works with different hard drives and its brands. You can able to recover any complex data loss scenarios with in less spam of time. It supports all versions of Microsoft Windows Operating Systems such as Windows 2003, Windows XP, windows vista and Windows 7, 8 etc.

You can even download demo form of this application to measure performance of the software. The demo version scans systems hard drive in few minutes and provides preview of the lost or deleted files. To restore them you have to purchase licensed version.