Helpful tips for how to recover lost files from corrupt hard drive

The hard drive is a secondary storage device, which is used for storing the user’s data. There are more than 200 companies who are manufacturing the hard disk drive (HDD). Here some popular hard drive manufacturers are Western Digital, Seagate, Hitachi GST, Toshiba, and Samsung. The hard drive contains two electric motors one is disk motor it spins the disk and another is actuator which positions the read/write head assembly across the spinning disks. External hard drives are also available which can be connected externally to a computer as USB drives. These external hard drives are mainly used for taking the backup of important data. The capacity of the hard drive ranges from several gigabytes to terabytes. In order to use the hard drive in a computer, partitions are made on the hard drive and these partitions are called as drives. Sometimes you may face the situation where the hard drives may become corrupt or damage due to various disastrous situations and do not know how to recover lost files. However, this kind of a circumstance will lead to loss of priceless data. In such kinds of circumstances, in order to recover files from corrupt hard disk, you have to make use of some good quality hard disk recovery software.

The hard disk may get corrupt due to various reasons like drive failure, the drive reads instability, software issues, user errors and due to some other reasons like a virus attacking the computer. Anyhow, the corruption of a hard drive will make the files stored on it not accessible to the users. In the situation like this, the user must make use of any good quality hard drive recovery software in order to recover files from corrupted HDD. When the hard drive becomes corrupted, it will not allow you to gain the access to data stored on the corrupted hard drive. Once the hard drive becomes corrupted, it needs to be formatted in order to use it further.

The drive failure is the most common cause of the loss of data on your personal computer. The hard drive failure may be related to the mechanical failure, electronic failure or firmware failure. Mechanical failure may cause due to physical damage to internal pieces of equipment of the hard drive. Moreover, recovery of lost data due to mechanical failure is a much more difficult process and it needs some special equipment to perform. An electronic failure may cause due to errors in the printed circuit board and the data recovery in this situation is same as in case of mechanical failure.

The drive failure related to firmware failure may cause due to a corruption of firmware on the hard drive. The firmware is inbuilt controlling software installed on the hard drive. In the modern hard drives, the corruption of the firmware occurs because of the complexity of the firmware design. The corruption of the firmware can take place when the user tries to make dual or multiple operating system boot installation and this will lead to loss of data.

The hard drive may also get corrupt when there is an error in partitioning the drives. The partitioning error may occur due to creating the new partitions using third party partitioning utilities. The third-party partitioning utility is nothing but a software, which can be used for editing the existing partitions or creating the new partitions. Regardless of the cause of damage or corruption of hard disk, the concluding result will be inaccessible to data from hard disk. Anyhow, you need not to concern about data loss since you can easily recover files from corrupt hard disk with the help of hard disk data recovery software. This is an efficient data recovery tool, which can recover lost data from a corrupted hard disk drive. The trial version of this tool will help the users to examine the recovery results by allowing them to preview the recovered data. You can get it from the official website and make it a try.

Hard Drive Recovery Software

Hard drives are long-lasting hardware media storage devices that are used to store the files in a safe and secure way. The various files can be stored on the hard disk based on availability of storage capacity. However, the data loss happens on the disk drive once or at other time, due to wide various reasons.

“… I’m owing Windows 10 operating system; I have a problem with my hard drive. I’m not able to access any files from disk drive. I am receiving a notification as to format the hard drive in order to access the files. I don’t have a backup. If I format the drive, I will be losing all my important documents, spreadsheets, videos, audios, pictures, etc. Can someone assist me any trusted hard drive recovery software which recovers the hard drive data without formatting.” Thanks in advance.

Let us know various reasons behind the data deletion/loss open the hard drive:

  • Accidental deletion of files, one can delete the files on drive unintentionally while performing some operation.
  • Knowingly or unintentionally formatting the hard drive will erase the files on the disk permanently.
  • While transferring files from hard disk to other media storage device. Any interruption or sudden shutdown in the system can end up the transfer process resulting in file loss scenario.
  • Viruses or Malware may spread all over the file system and might damage or corrupt the hard disk and become inaccessible.

There are several reasons that lead to data loss or deletion from the drive. Whatever might be the reason, one can easily recover the data from drive with the help of external recovery toolkit named Hard drive recovery software.

Key features of hard drive recovery Software:

This tool helps to recover the data from hard drive in a few simple steps without any complexity. It has a simple GUI that helps the non-techie users to perform the recovery session in a span of time. The different file types including videos, audios, PPT, spreadsheets, documents, etc. can be retrieved swiftly. This software has an ability to recover the data from various file systems such as NTFS, NTFS, FAt16, FAT32 and many more. Data from formatted hard drive can be retrieved in a short span of time. This toolkit supports to restore the lost or deleted files from external devices such as USB drives, Pen drives, SD card, memory cards, SDHC cards, flash drives, etc. The virally infected or the data from inaccessible hard drive can be easily restored by keeping track on this recovery toolkit.

Hard drive recovery program works on various versions of Windows such as Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows XP and Vista as well as on different Mac operating system.

Solution to Recover Deleted Files from Samsung External Hard Drive

downloadThe Samsung external hard drives are compatible with various devices and gained extensive popularity in the market because of its great features such as small in size, light weight, easy to use. It has large data storage capacity and also high data transferring rates which are also considered as more secure and safe.

In spite of all these advanced features, most of the time due to several sets of reasons user face file deletion problem from their Samsung external drive. Is their any way to restore the deleted files from this external drive? Here is a complete solution which helps how to restore deleted files.

Check out with few simple steps to recover deleted files from Samsung external drive  

  • Firstly, download Data Recover software on your Windows operating system and install it.
  • Connect the Samsung external drive to your windows system and “Run “Data Recover application.
  • Next, select the Recover files option from main screen.
  • To start recovery operation, select Samsung external drive from which you have deleted your files and click on “Next“.
  • Scanning process will be initiated, once scanning is completed you can view the list of retrieved files in two types of view which are data type view and file type view.
  • Store the restored files in any desired location once you preview it.
  • If you have downloaded Demo version of Data Recover use Save Recovery Session option, buy the software and then save the Recovered session.

Know this: What all are the different reasons that make the files get deleted?

  • Accidentally deleting files from Samsung external drive will completely erase the files drive permanently.
  • Viruses are main hazard which spreads rapidly all over the files on Samsung external drive and makes them inaccessible to read.
  • If the user disconnects the drive before completion, while transferring files from Samsung drive to system drive or vice versa results in the deletion of files.
  • Improper handling while removal of Samsung external drive from a computer may leads to loss of data.
  • Corrupted external drive may leads to enormous amount of data loss.

The Key features that make the Data recover software most reliable and compatible:

  • The software is user friendly interface with all major versions of Windows operating systems such as Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows XP, and Windows Vista and so on.
  • Apart from recovery of deleted files from Samsung external drive  it also assist formatted, damaged, inaccessible or corrupted Samsung drive recovery without  any hassle.
  • This tool is capable to recover files from Samsung drives which can endure any file system like FAT16, NTFS, HFS, FAT32, HFS+ and NTFS5 very easily.

One can easily relay on this software to
restore deleted files from Samsung external hard drive.

External Hard Drive Partition Recovery for Mac OSX

The great advantage of external hard drive lies in its portability compared to internal hard drives in computers and laptops. It is easy to carry and you can use at any time you want. The files and data can be accessed anywhere where they have access to laptop and computer. Also, external hard drives’ transfer rate is higher these days so they can exchange a large number of data and files between computers. Due to its extensive use, there is possibility of the data in your external drive goes missing and lost. And you just panic.! But, by using a good recovery software you can get back those lost and deleted data. Wonder how? Follow the below guide for external hard drive partition recovery mac.

The software, Remo Recover which performs recovery in a safer way is the one we are going to use. Let’s dive in to the features of this tool.

Remo Recover Tool – Key Features

  • Recovers external hard drive partition as well as internal hard drive data.
  • Supports all Mac OSX platforms for installation.
  • Retrieves pictures, music, videos, documents of above 300 file extensions.
  • Fast, easy and efficient to use.
  • Supports external hard drives such as WD, Toshiba, Sony, Seagate, Maxtor, etc.

How to Recover External Hard Drive Partition?

Download, install and execute Remo Recover software on your Mac computer. Choose the steps mentioned in this video as it clearly mentions the easy way to retrieve your valuable files from external hard drive. It demonstrates the use of software, so make sure to download it try it by watching the video. Recovery is no more a hard process as it uses interactive interface which lets users carry out the data retrieval process in a simpler way.

How Data Loss / Deletion Occurs in External Hard Drives?

Before moving on to the data loss scenarios in external hard drives, let’s take a look at the characteristics of external disk drives.

Usually, hard drives come in small sizes with larger memory capacity. It is for making the user carry huge amount of data preferably in pockets. It is cost-effective and are larger in sizes than USB flash drives. It is simply an upgraded version of the flash drive. Users who wants to access their big files frequently can use hard drives as it is convenient and assures security of your data. Users can use it just by Plug and Play as no drivers are needed. Data security is the thing that most people are concerned about and it is the most important criterion for the people who own external hard drives. Although it has these advantages, data loss or deletion occurs due to many reasons. Following are the reasons which makes the data deleted from the external hard drive partition.

  • Data loss can happen due to the intrusion of external threats such as malware, viruses, Trojans and other dreadful applications.
  • Usage of hard drive in too many devices without properly / safely removing it from the computer.
  • Formatting the entire partition mistakenly or changing its file system without taking the backup of your valuable data.
  • Removing the hard drive when there was any ongoing file transfer or any other process.

Users need to be aware of the latest security risks with their data. To defend latest viruses, always keep your antivirus up-to-date as it reduces the possibility of data loss. Use best practices such as removing the hard drive only after ejecting it properly and cautiously select the files for deleting. Also, never try to copy or move any files from or to the partition in which you want to recover data.

Lenovo Hard Drive Recovery – Recover Data from Lenovo Laptop HDD (G570)

“I am using my Lenovo laptop from last one year and everything was perfect. But today for the first time I met with worst situation i.e. while transferring some of my files from my Lenovo laptop to pen drive due to some unexpected errors my system got shutdown. I restarted my system again and decided to transfer the data again but I didn’t found the data. Guys, is there any reliable third party application to perform Lenovo hard drive recovery? If yes, then please suggest me.”

Lenovo hard drive data recoveryHave you ever faced such similar scenario? If yes, then don’t think to waste your time in searching recovery tool because a reliable third party tool is readily available in the market which is named as Lenovo Hard Drive Recovery software. This software contains advanced scanning algorithm which helps to scan the Lenovo hard drive and recovers all the deleted files from it with hassle free manner.

How data gets deleted or lost from Lenovo laptop hard drive?

  • Accidental Deletion: If the storage capacity of the hard drive if full, in order to store some new data user will delete unwanted data from hard drive. At the time of deleting, they may accidentally select some important data and press delete option.
  • Data Transfer Interruption: While transferring the data from Lenovo hard drive to external hard drive and vice-versa if any sort of interruption takes place like improper ejection of the external storage drive, abrupt system shutdown, etc. then it results in loss of data from hard drive.
  • Unintentional Formatting: Sometimes you may come across the situation to format the hard drive partition. At that time, you may unintentionally format the wrong partition which contains important data in it. Due to this, you have to suffer data loss problems.
  • MBR Corruption: Due to severe virus attacks master boot records gets corrupted. Due to this hard drive become inaccessible and all the data get lost from the hard drive.
  • Other Reasons: Some other reasons which may cause deletion or loss of data from Mac and windows hard drive are the presence of bad sectors, journal corruption, use of unreliable third party tools, hardware issues, emptying Trash and Recycle Bin, etc.

Features of Lenovo Hard Drive Recovery Software:

Lenovo hard drive data recovery software is used to recover lost or deleted data from all the Lenovo laptop hard drives and compatible on all the versions of Windows and Mac operating systems. It is used for recovering various types of data such as audio, video, images, RAW data, spreadsheets, applications, etc. This application also recovers data from various external storage drives such as USB flash drives, pen drives, external hard drives, FireWire drives, memory cards, etc. This application is used to retrieve lost files from various Lenovo laptops, Lenovo Notebook hard drives. It consists of save recovery session feature which enables the user to skip the re-scanning process of the hard drive. The recovered data can be previewed before going to restoring them to any desired location by using preview option.

Know How to Recover Lost Hard Drive Data

Are you looking for reliable software which can helps to recover lost hard drive data? If your response is yes then you can make use of Lost Drive Recovery application in your PC.

Lost Drive Recovery is the advanced and reliable tool to recover lost hard drive data on all latest versions of Macintosh and Windows operating system. With the help of powerful scanning technique it will scans the entire hard drive within span of time. Lost Drive Recovery software is widely used across the globe which can recovers lost files and folders from all file systems including FAT32, ExtFAT, FAT16, HFS+, NTFS5, HFS, and NTFS. Even you can regain your lost data from various hard drives like SCSI, SATA, PATA, IDE, and ATA interfaces easily with the assistance of this recovery application.

Hard drive is a secondary storage device, is used for storing computer user’s personal and business data. It is divided into different logical parts known as volumes in Mac and partitions in Windows operating system. There are many leading companies who are manufacturing the hard disk drive. Some of the popular brands of hard disk are Western Digital, G-Technology, Seagate, Buffalo, Hitachi, Toshiba and Samsung. Sometimes, most of the users encounter with data loss from hard drive due to different scenarios as follows here.

  • While moving or sharing of the files from one data storage medium to other during this process if the computer or laptop gets shutdown because of power failure then there is a possibility of file system corruption. Hence, your hard drive may get crashed or corrupt and data get erased or deleted from it.
  • The hard drive may get damage when there is an error in partitioning the drives. The error might occurs because of creating the new partitions by using third party tools which can be used for editing the existing partitions or creating the new partitions.
  • Sometimes, you may face error message such as “Missing Operating System” or “Operating system does not boot” when your system is in active mode. This happens because when MBR is corrupted. Therefore, booting error may results in damage or corrupt the hard drive.
  • While backup of files from external hard drive to your laptop or vice versa if you abrupt pull out USB hard drive without following “Safety Remove Hardware” method then files gets lost or deleted from the hard drive.
  • Other factors that lost the data from hard drive are accidental deletion, formatting, reinstallation of OS, presence of bad sector, virus or spyware infection and so on.

Consider, if you encounter with any of the above mentioned issues then there is a question how to recover lost hard drive data? Without using Lost Drive Recovery utility it is quite difficult to restore lost files from the hard drive.

Special functions of Lost Drive Recovery Tool:

It is one of the unique data recovery tool allows to retrieve lost data on different partitions namely RAID1, RAID0, and RAID5 partition. You can easily bring back all the missing files from hard drive and as well as other data storage medium like smartphones, digital cameras, pen drive, CF cards, camcorders,  SD cards, iPods, xD cards, MMC cards, etc.

Save or resume recovering process by using “Recovery Session” option to prevent scanning the device frequently. Suppose, if you get any issues in the use of this software then immediately contact technical customer support for assistance. You can view the recovered files prior saving them on any secondary storage gadgets. This demo version is totally free from all viruses.

Recover Files from Formatted Hard Drive in an Easy Way

“Hi, friends! I am using Windows vista OS and there are a few issues like, it dint support one of the latest photo editing applications famous in the market. Due to this reason I planned to install an upgraded version of the operating system and I back-up all the important files and folders from my logical drive to another drive. But, while performing installation instead of selecting “C-drive” to format, I accidentally selected “D –drive” on which I had all the backup data, this ended up in swiping up of all the data present on it. Could anyone suggestion to recover formatted hard drive data? I had a large number of my valuable files and folders on that drive! Somebody please tell me how to retrieve data from that particular drive? Thanks.”

Have you lost your files from your HDD? Did you unintentionally formatted a partition / drive which contained all your important documents? Are you concerned about your files due to formatted hard drive? Then, don’t be worried! Because, formatting a drive does not erase all the data  present in it, it only erases data in partition table present on the drive, which means you can still recover the files from a formatted HDD. There are various situations where your hard disk of your computer may get formatted. Some of them are listed below.

Formatting during Installation / Reinstallation: This is a very common situation, where the user fortuitously does it. Like, during installation of operating system you may select a wrong partition that holds important files. This results in erasing all the files and folders on the chosen drive.

Misusing the Application: If you try to create, format, partition your hard drive using disk management utility, disk utility or command prompt without having a proper knowledge of the tool may result in formatting any your important drive.

Deliberate formatting: Without taking proper backup of the drive / partition, if you format a particular drive leads to the erasing of all the data present on it.

Hard drive data loss is a big problem when you haven’t back up your important files and losing data that way. It’s really not a good thing to lose data completely. Being safe and avoiding the problem has the first priority. Hence, do proper backup of all your important files. If the files are lost, don’t worry as there is an application named “recover formatted hard drive” using which you can get back all the files from a formatted hard drive data successfully.

Salient feature of software to retrieve files from formatted hard drive:

Recover Formatted hard drive utility helps you to recover data from formatted partitions or even partitions which you have re-installed Windows. Data that are lost or deleted from RAID-5, RAID-1 and RAID-0 partitions can be recovered with the help of this recovering tool. Formatted hard drive retrieval utility recovers data from all types of hard disk like Apple, Evotex, Hewlett Packed, Toshiba, Honey Well, Seagate, Transcend, IBM, Sony so on. This tool is capable of recovering data from Fire Drives, USB external drives, Hard Disks, SSD etc. Data that are deleted or lost from FAT32, NTFS, FAT16, NTFS5 partitions can also be recovered within a few simple steps.

Method to recover lost files

Are you looking for software which may be found in order to recover external hard drive data? If your response is yes then you need to use Windows Hard Drive Recovery software. This software tracks down each of the lost data from hard drive in few instant of your energy. Whenever any file is gets inaccessible or missing only pointer to the saved location is destroyed, i.e. data remains for the saved location providing it’s not overwritten by other file. Data on external hard drive could possibly get lost on account of plethora of reasons such as accidental format, partition table damage, mbr damage, virus attack, accidental deletion, improper ejection, etc.

Commonly hard drive data gets lost because of improper de-activate with the system when using external hard drive. Suppose you’ve got lots of movie in one of one’s friend, which you’ve got on hard drive. So that you can transfer those files to computer you might have used CTRL+X command. But, while transfer process was in progress system got turned off on account of power failure. Later when you started up the body, you learned that files were missing on both bodily and mental hard disk. Thus you happen to be left to anguish on such a loss; however such files may be reclaimed by use of Windows Hard Drive Recovery tool.

Occasionally external hard drives lose their data as a consequence of accidental format. Suppose you’ve attached your external hard drive for modification as well as other storage drive like pen drive. One of several pen drives which you have attached is virus infected and also, since it doesn’t holds any important file, so you’ve got thought we would format it. But from a lifetime of time you pointed out that, as opposed to formatting the pen drive you formatted external hard drive. Thus you’re left to accuse nobody apart from yourself. On this remorseful situation you are able to recover hard drive data by putting on Windows Hard Drive Recovery software which exactly meets the given state of affair.

Windows Hard Drive Recovery software has among the best scanning algorithm which scans entire hard disk to the desired files in couple of minutes of the company’s application. Any user who may have lost his / her files from external hard drive may apply this software for retrieving the anticipated data. Miracle traffic bot works for focusing on different brands of external hard drive such as Toshiba, Dell, Transcend, Buffalo, etc. If user wants to recover any particular file from hard disk the real key might use its name, date of creation, or file type for recovery.

However some of the precautionary measures needed for optimal data recovery from hard drive are that format or reformat in the hard drive needs to be avoided. Additionally usage of hard disk ought to be minimized in order that files are not overwritten.

Thus by evaluating strongholds of Windows Hard Drive Recovery software you can suggest that it may be utilized for recover file from peripheral hard disk. Windows Hard Drive Recovery software can be easily downloaded from internet for trial use.