Know Export Rules in MS Outlook 2016

outlook_icon_thumb800MS Outlook is one of the most popular email client which is being used by a large number of Windows users. People, who use MS Office package, often use Outlook as well. People make the use of MS Outlook because of the email support and ease of use. People can utilize almost all types of IMAP enabled account through MS Outlook 2016 or 2013. At the same time, MS Outlook comes with some amazing features. For example, people can set numerous rules. It is very similar to Gmail filter.

People can make the use of rules to do perform various tasks automatically and faster. Suppose, people want to see all emails from a specific person present in different folder or directory. At such instance, they can set up a rule which will be used by MS Outlook to move that email to that predefined folder. Other thing if people wish to move messages with particular words in the subject to a folder, flag messages from someone for follow-up or move email sent to a public group to a folder, move RSS items from a specific RSS feed to a folder or do anything like. There is only one solution. That is Rules in MS Outlook application.

Let us assume that people have set up some rules. Now, they want to change the system or just want to reinstall Windows operating system. Leading that, if they install Outlook app, they will not get those rules because Outlook saves rules on the system locally. To solve such issue, here is a solution. People can easily export rules in Outlook app. So, if they are using Outlook 2016 or 2013 version, then they can follow these simple steps to export rules in MS Outlook app.

In order to export rules from Outlook, initially, people need to open Outlook and click on Files tab. Here they will get an option known as Manage Rules and Alerts. Instead, people can also click on Rules folder in Home tab and select Manager Rules and Alerts. After selecting this option, a new window will display. In this window people will get a button called Options, people need to click on that. After that click on Export to collect existing rules. After that people need to select a location to save the exported file. People can also transfer that file to anywhere in order to import that later.

All about Apple’s Secret Virtual Reality Project

Virtual reality and augmented reality technologies are being exploring by the Apple Corporation based on its patent filings for more than 10 years. The virtual and augmented reality is exploding its popularity and dabbling of Apple is growing more serious which could lead to an actual product or the features will be added as soon as possible.

Mattel-View-Master-Virtual-Reality-Starter-PackApple company standards are very unique and its research unit is a secret, it comprises of hundreds of workers on the VR and AR. The Apple research team has found out many advanced technologies and these advanced technologies will be embedded in the future products of Apple. Recently the VR/AR hiring has increased and the Apple Company has achieved many multiple AR/VR companies.

In Apple products there are many numbers of possibilities for VR/AR technologies are augmented reality features that are ranging from Maps and for iPhones apps to virtual 3D interface to the full-on virtual reality headsets. In order to test its own test Apple has been inspired by products like Microsoft HoloLens and Oculus Rift that were garnering significant interest.

Recently it is expected that Apple is working on developing several prototype virtual reality headsets, but it is fact that the company work is beyond the facts of prototypes exist. If the Apple works with the Oculus Rift on full virtual reality technology or Microsoft HoloLens as simpler augmented reality technology, but it is assumed reasonably that Apple is now investigating many avenues of complexity.

If the planning of the headset doesn’t end up, then there is no need to worry because other potential ways VR/AR can be associated with Apple products. For example, the rumors were spread that the potential augmented reality feature coming to Maps app, by which the people can be allowed to hold up their iPhones and could see the information on nearby businesses and restaurants.

On this topic of virtual reality, the executives of the Apple have shared some information. Tim Cook the CEO of the Apple said on the Apple’s quarterly earnings call in 2016 that virtual reality was more than just a niche. Also, he said that it is really cool and also it has some applications that are interesting.

Learn How to Remove Music from Your Apple Watch

At the end of April the Apple Watch came out, and there has been one firmware update mostly addressing reliability and performance. Of three different models, six different finishes and two different sizes Apple Watch is still available in its original configuration and all with a range of swappable bands. From $349, £299 or AU$499 up to $17,000, £13,500 or AU$24,000 are the prices of digital timepieces.

awappsThe first smartwatch company is an evolution of the iPod Nano, of the sort that could strap to your wrist. For all sorts of things like communication, fitness tracking, phone calls, wireless music, Apple Pay, etc this device can act as a wrist companion, but right now for most of those function, you need an iPhone nearby that it can pair too.

Up to 2 GB of music can be added to your Apple Watch, by using a Bluetooth speaker or headphones you can listen to music on your watch even if it is out of range of your iPhone. In fact, to remove the music it’s an easy task.

To remove a playlist from your watch you must use your phone. On the Home screen tap the “Watch” app icon. You need to make sure that the “My Watch” screen should be active. Tap on the “Music” that is available on the “My Watch”.

Next to “Synced Playlist”, the playlist is currently available on your watch. Tap on the “Synced Playlist” in order to remove the playlist from your watch. With “Synced” the synced playlist is labeled and with a check mark in the list of available playlists on phone.

Make sure to connect your watch to the charger before removing the playlist from your watch. To sync music or to remove music from your watch, your watch must be charging. Tap “None” by scrolling to the bottom of the list.

A message will be displayed on your watch when you select your watch as the source of music and select “Playlists”, that no music is available. Before removing a playlist or adding a playlist to your watch make sure that your watch is charging again.

Learn About Five Advanced Smart Locks

In the modern tech world most of the people prefer to use a smartphone-controlled door lock as it is present to shove them in your face or hand. Many of the companies are working in this field in order to compete to have a clever barrier between you and inside of your home.

imagesEven after all the locks are common you need to manage and control them with a smartphone and or web app. One let you to place a smart device and other requires replacing the entire lock system over an existing deadbolt. In this technique you might need to tap a lock with the help of your finger or you need to walk up and wait for it to recognize you and unlock.

Each and every smart lock has its unique little quirks and perks, which is pretty awesome re-imaginings of millennia-old technology.

Here are five smart locks that are compared with each other in order to understand the uniqueness of each and every file.


The cost of this smart lock is $200 and it is arguably the most elegant of all, its touch is designed by Yves Behar’s design touch. Old deadbolt was replaced by brushed aluminum circular lock and it can be controlled and managed by iOS, web app and Android. The notification of how many people come in and out of your house can be gained by August and also you can give unlimited digital keys to your friends and family.


This is one of the simplest smart locks and it costs $179 that fits directly over the deadbolt on the back of your door. And also it works with any of the smartphone using a mobile web app that enables you to lock and unlock your door with the help of a tap. Also, your friends, guests, and family can be granted the access to the app. The lost is built with a Wi-fi connection that will send you the notifications where ever you are.


These smart locks are more on old-school end of the smart lock spectrum and it will cost about $200-$300. Four digit code is granted on the door lock to access and also you can manage the smart lock with the help of tablet, smartphone or web app using Nexia Home Intelligence. It enables you to generate 19 private codes for your friends and the family members.


In the current scenario Goji is the latest smart lock, in the earlier of this month Indiegogo campaign. It is $278 in cost and a circular disk is located that goes over your lock.

Kevo Lock:

This smart lock is impressive and you can send the digital keys to all other people and manage the keys from the app.