Here’s How OST to PST Convertor Software Can Repair OST File

Microsoft Outlook is the stand alone application that comes into play to organize the emails of the user and it is used to send and receive mails for both personal and commercial purpose. OST stands for Offline Storage Table. An OST file is an Offline Outlook database used by Microsoft Outlook. Outlook application allows user to work in offline mode that is, even without internet connection user can check and send the mails.

ost to pst converter Whatever user has send the emails or saved the attributes items in their Outlook profile account it get saved in the OST file temporarily. These data items are automatically synchronized and restored in the PST file when the mail server gets an internet connection. Assume that, the email profile is corrupted or deleted; OST file will be of no use. In such case, it becomes inaccessible and difficult to fetch the data for Microsoft Outlook. If the user wants to restore mailbox from the OST file, then user needs an OST to PST converter.

If you are using Outlook to manage your emails and other items then, it is essential to secure and protect your OST files and keep their archive in the PST file. When OST file gets corrupted or not accessible this situation bring user into huge problem. In this blog, I will give information about some basics of OST file and the method to convert it into PST file and maintain your emails safely and securely. Keep reading this blog to know which software is best for OST to PST converter. And retain all your mails and attribute from OST file before its gets corrupted.

What are the reasons for corrupting OST file?

There are several reasons to corrupt or damage OST file. Some of them are:

  • Due to virus attack or malware infection in the system OST file gets corrupted and becomes inaccessible. Then, user might lose their important data from Outlook account.
  • Sometimes, Exchange server may be in down that is, it may get disconnected due to problem in network or might have got corrupt resulting in your OST files inaccessible.
  • Also, if the size of the OST file increases and exceeds its size limit i.e. 2GB then there is a chance of losing your emails are more from OST file.
  • OST file header consists of information regarding file size, file name, storage location etc. if any damage occurs to the header files lead to OST file corruption.
  • If you have encrypted your Outlook OST file and failed to decrypt back, then you will not be able to access mails that are stored in OST files.
  • Upgrading Microsoft Outlook from higher version to lower version may also lead to OST file corruption.
  • Software malfunction, improper server settings, database corruption and other file system corruption leads to OST file corruption.

How OST PST Converter works?

OST PST Converter Software is developed by a group of IT professional and it is the most recommended tool. It has been built with a user-friendly interface. You can use this tool to perform OST to PST converter on all Outlook versions such as Microsoft Outlook 2010, 2007, 2003, and more. It has the ability to convert OST to PST files that are protected with a password. The utility can convert and fix OST file and rescue all the e-mails, appointments, RSS data, contacts, etc.

OST to PST Converter Software can repair corrupt OST file:

You can utilize this software, not just for Outlook OST file conversion, it can also repair corrupt OST file! Yes, suppose if your OST file gets corrupted or damaged or has become inaccessible due to reason, this tool fixes it and extracts the emails and all the attributes from the corrupt Outlook OST file.

Best Way of Converting OST File to PST File

For Microsoft Outlook users who are leaving their current employer want to take their mail, calendar, or contacts with them that they should do need to keep in mind – Do not delete the Microsoft Exchange account from their profile because the data can only be opened using that account itself. So, keeping the OST file after deleting the account won`t help to access all those emails, contacts and calendar.

No longer access to the PC that was used to create OST or doesn’t have a restore option then you need a kit to recover the contents from the OST.

If your company policy blocks PST creation, your choices are limited to only exporting calendar and contacts to CSV (or Excel, if you have Excel at home). If you don’t have many calendar or contacts, you can forward them to a personal address.

How to Convert OST to PST

Manual way

If you have recently deleted the Exchange account, you may be able to recover the account only if your OS supports a system restore. If too much time has been passed then there are very less chances to have a restore option available.

  1. Open the system restores application. In Vista it is at Start Menu, Programs, Accessories, and System Tools.
    Or enter%system root%\system32\rstrui.exe in Start search field or Start menu, Run.
  2. Pick a date just before the profile was deleted.

When Windows restarts the account will be back and you can move or export the contents of the OST to a PST. Then either delete the account or run restore again to return to the point made before the restore.

Use Archive

You can use Archive folder to move or copy many items to a PST – this method is best when you want to move almost everything in your mailbox. Note that you cannot archive Contacts. Set the Auto Archive default to Tools, Options, Other, Auto Archive and apply it to all folders. Then go to File, Archive and run it.

Auto Archiving uses the last modified date so you’ll need to use a low number when archiving recent items. If you use Outlook 2007 or Outlook 2010 you can force Auto Archive to use the Received Date.

If you use this method and also need the Contacts, you’ll need to move them to the new data file.

Export to a PST

Although Export is not usually recommended, when converting an OST to a PST, Export is generally a quick and easy way to move all content from the OST to a PST or just the calendar and contacts. If your company blocks the creation of PST files, export to CSV or Excel format.

 Move the items

Create a new PST in your profile and drag the folders you want to take with you to the PST. This method will preserve custom views and forms published to folder.

Dragging default folders, such as Inbox, Calendar, and Contacts brings up a message that you can’t move default folders. The contents will be copied instead, with the folder named Inbox, Calendar, etc.

These are some of the manual tricks to Convert OST to PST. Alternatively, a user can use OST to PST software to know how to convert OST to PST. This is entirely an automated process, user just needs to sit back and watch. OST to PST performs a safe conversion and converts OST to PST file without altering the original file. Following are the some of the prominent feature of OST to PST:

  • Convert OST to PST: this software picks out whole mail contain present in OST file and restores them to a new PST file.
  • Safe and secure: this tool ensures that the original file doesn`t get modified or loss of data occurs due to formatting or alteration in the file structure.
  • Device Support: MS Outlook: Support for MS Office 2013 (32 bit version and 64 bit versions), MS Office 2010 (32 bit and 64 bit versions) / / 2007 / 2003 / 2002 (XP) / 2000
    Operating System: Windows 10 / 8 / Windows 7 / Windows Vista / Windows XP
  • Find and save: you can search a particular mail based on its categories like Date, sender, receiver etc. and save the file either as EML or MSG. The software also allows users to save the file in the desired location.


Software to Convert Damaged Mailbox to PST File

Are you currently struggling to fetch emails out of your   Outlook mailbox in offline mode? MS Outlook is extensively used as personal and professional information manager   and it is   popular application available. In offline mode entire files of MS Outlook or all Outlook attributes are held in OST file (offline storage Table). Work done by users within the offline mode in Outlook will probably be updated robotically because the   user gets linked to the   web connection   or Exchange server.

While synchronizing these offline storage table (OST) files into PST files many times you face synchronization errors or difficulties in the event if your web connection isn’t proper or somehow this synchronization of OST files to PST gets interrupted. At these stages how will you convert OST to PST?

Whenever an OST files gets damages or corrupted it will become inaccessible or unopenable to the users.  To generate such files accessible first we need to convert it to PST file format. Convert OST to PST is really a modern application solely developed along with extraordinary algorithms aiding you assisting in converting corrupt OST file into PST effortlessly. It offers you assurance of systematic conversion of OST to PST without having to break acquiring or damaging the origin file.


All sorts of form of damages, corruptions, errors, etc. occurring on the mailbox could be reduced to large extent if you take some security precautions.  A few precautionary measures that are useful when preventing mailbox corruption are mentioned d below:

    • Never and ever switch off your system involving the conversion process, synchronization process or compacting of mails occurring if ever your system is within active mode.
    • Stay faraway from changing the specific file system from .ost to .pst ahead of converting it through the use of professional converting software.  This course of action may restrict you against opening your primary OST file.
    • Usage of relevant and efficient antivirus software on the system and try to scan your system to remove to reduce viruses also to and protect your all OST files from virus attack.

Moreover,  if you don’t follow above precautions  or perhaps you are not aware of the mistakes which you did  coupled with met Outlook mailbox corruption or OST file corruption  then you’ve to convert OST file to PST file  to generate your emails accessible and corruption free.

Tool to Convert Damaged Mailbox to PST

Convert OST to PST is the foremost software to convert Damaged Mailbox to PST. You should employ it when you get mail box inaccessible or damaged.  Among the better features of the tool are-

  • Convert Damaged Mailbox to PST works with Microsoft Exchange 2000, Microsoft Exchange 5.0, Microsoft Exchange 5.5, Microsoft Exchange 2010, etc
  • It is virus free application that’s quick and simple to operate
  • Can repair and recover all kinds of OST attributes for example appointments, emails, calendars, etc.



Best way to convert OST to PST file

A lot of organizations will make use of exchange server to share different information among the employees i.e. to make a better collaboration situation. It might become helpful to share and collect different data types. It can be used as a separate application or while using email client called Outlook, in which PST file format is employed in order to save data. Data from the PST file can be accessed easily through any sort of Outlook email client. One can also utilize Exchange server in offline mode but the saved data is likely to store in OST file format. Exchange server can also get the facility to synchronize the offline folder to the live exchange, in which you can update your new information or happy with the live environment.

However, in some common situations synchronization of an offline folder is certain to get fail therefore the user may not be in a position to access files from the OST file. Only in that situation, files from OST become inaccessible as the OST file can get corrupt. Then as a way to recover OST file, it is far better to use some third party tools which are able to convert OST to PST file. When you have completed the OST to PST conversion, you can easily access files from your PST formatting. Something more important is utilizing external software is much better than checking out the inbuilt applications because further data loss chances will probably be increases in inbuilt procedure.

The key point why the user should need to comprehend is the reason why the OST file may get corrupt as a result of a failure of offline folder synchronization. The main cause to occur errors during offline data synchronization is exceeding the size of exchange mailboxes. The garbage data held in the exchange mailbox will not enable you to store data into the online exchange mailboxes. Such problems can be prevented by deleting unnecessary data from your exchange mailbox.

Not merely the synchronization error causes OST file corruption; what’s more, it happens due to virus attack, improper shutdown of laptop or computer system, power failure, etc. The reason is anything; it is simple to convert OST to PST files by means of alternative party software. You can get a large number of tools out there, but you should go from the appropriate application. To get good OST to PST conversion tool, you can read the reviews in connection with software that happen to be compiled by the users.

If you need to convert OST to PST files, just make use of a fairly easy tool that will be able to get it done in just a short while. After conversion, a user could be capable to open OST file by means of PST file format. The Internet is filled with such 3rd party applications so that you ought to be careful in getting a prominent tool. OST to PST converter is often a trusty worthy tool which may convert OST to PST without modification or lack of original data.

Using OST to PST converter, you will get all emails, notes, journals, calendar items, RSS subscriptions, etc from the converted PST file. It is a more advanced tool than the other applications that exist in the market. It could easily convert any inaccessible or corrupt OST file to PST extendable, without creating any problems. It is extremely an easy task to install and use, and could convert file within few keys to press. This tool is also available in the trial version; you can download it so that you can evaluate the possibility of OST to PST conversion, before purchasing it.