Download Software to Recover Files from Dead Hitachi Hard Drive

Hitachi hard drives are the external hardware devices which are extensively used to store any bit of information safe and secure, based on the availability of the storage space. Hitachi hard drive gained worldwide popularity because of its greater features such as faster data access, user-friendly nature which drives a good performance. Hitachi hard drive might get damaged due to several reasons. If Hitachi hard drive is dead and not accessible, how to recover files from dead Hitachi Hard drive?

“… I regularly use Hitachi Hard drive to store files. The past from few months it was working absolutely well but today morning when I connected to my system, I got a notification message saying that “Hitachi hard drive is dead, format the Hitachi hard drive to access”. After formatting the Hitachi hard drive, the entire files from the drive got erased. I’m worried!!! I’m in need of those erased files. Could anyone assist me with the steps to recover files from dead Hitachi hard drive?” I’m running Windows XP Operating system.                                                                     

                                                                      -Mark Taylor

To recover data from dead Hitachi hard drive, follow few steps ahead with external recovery software which easily retrieve data from dead Hitachi hard drive in a few simple mouse clicks.

Procedural steps to recover files from dead Hitachi hard drive:

  • Initially, Download and install Hitachi Hard Drive Recovery Software on your Operating system. Connect the Hitachi hard drive to the system and Run the application after successful installation.
  • Choose Recover Drives option from the main screen window and select either partition Recovery or Formatted/Reformatted Recovery option on the next screen window to recover files from dead Hitachi hard drive.
  • Select the Hitachi drive from the list of logical drives and hit on Next option to proceed further.
  • Later, scanning process to restore data from dead Hitachi drive will be initiated. After successful completion of the scan, you can easily preview the restored files Either by File Type or by Data Type.
  • If you are using a demo version of Software, purchase the application software to save the recovered files on the desired location.

Unique features of Hitachi drive recovery software:

  • This tool is reliable and compatible, which easily recover files from dead Hitachi hard drive on various versions of Windows like Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows 3, Windows XP, Windows Vista, etc. as well as on different Mac Operating system.
  • It also supports to recover the files from damaged, formatted, corrupted and inaccessible Hitachi hard drives with an ease.
  • This toolkit is capable of recovering files from any file system such as HFS, HFS+, FAT16, FAT32, NTFS, NTFS5, etc. without any hassle.
  • This application supports to recover the files or data from various brands of external hard drives, USB drives, flash drives, SD card, memory card, CF card, SDHC card, etc. without any level of difficulties.
  • It easily recovers the data from various types of hard drives such as SCSI, IDE, SATA and PATA.

Recovery of Lost Files on External Mac Hard Disk

External computer drives are used to save each of the files and folders with the Photos, Word files, music files, etc. as like internal computer drives. You may use these external hard drives to save your files by attaching it externally on the Mac by way of USB cable. There are several problems associated with the data loss around the external hard disk in the Macintosh comparable to that of internal hard drives.

All of the file loss scenarios like partitioning or re-partitioning, reformatting or formatting, accidental deletion or loss, accidental formatting or reformatting, and etc. In addition to all these you could possibly lose your files from the external hard drives, if you abruptly take out the data cable from the external hard drive where it is attached to the Macintosh during the time of files transfer. When you miss files on Macintosh external hard drive then use recovers files from Mac tool. It is really an expert choice. You can also possibly use it on your Macintosh to eliminate file loss issues on external hard drives of any brand.

File Loss Scenarios on Macintosh External Hard Drive

  • Partitioning and re-partitioning is the method to divide hard disk of your respective system into some specific parts. After making partitions on the hard disks of Mac they may be named as Volumes. So during the time of creating volumes it is possible to lose several of your files.
  • Formatting is the technique utilized to delete entire data in a single mouse click form a selected logical or physical drive. If we use format option, it is going to delete entire files from a drive. Some time additionally we lose our important data unknowingly. You could possibly format the external hard drive of your Mac PC, afterwards you may find then you’ve deleted some important files.

In all the above cases of file loss, we think that files have already been parentally lost. However, this is not the case, for those who have found the files which were lost without your notice then yet there exists a way to reinstate your vital files by making use of above mentioned software. A while you lose crucial computer data, when you are transferring files hard drive to computer. After transferring your data from external drive we delete it from the drive. When, you wish to view data on computer. It shows error like not formatted error. In case you wanted to recover this type of data then you can definitely get it back by making use of Mac recovery software.

Specific Popular Features of the Tool

  • This application program recuperates files from external drive that is discovered to be missing from it because of power surge problems, improper handling of the external Macintosh hard disk drive, and accidental formatting/reformatting volumes on Macintosh etc.
  • It supports recuperation of the lost files from RAID 5, RAID 0 and RAID 1 partitions that are deleted or formatted on the Macintosh external hard drive
  • This outstanding utility facilitates you to bypass the bad good sectors on the hard disk by creating disk image of the files
  • Free demo version is the additional feature of this utility. It can reinstate files lost through the external hard drive because of all complex as well as simple data loss scenarios.

How can you Recuperate Hard Drive?

By making use of computer, we are performing various tasks like storing the data, installing operating system, formatting etc. Now a day you hear the most common word formatting. What happens when you accidentally format the hard drive? Result is data loss. When you want to recover the hard drive, which has already formatted, definitely you think which software is best suitable to recover the hard drive. The solution to overcome from this question is to use hard drive recovery software. This software repairs your hard drive, which has formatted and brings back the lost files from it.

Possible scenarios for data loss are:

  • Formatting accidentally, when installing multiple Operating systems: Every partition may have only one operating system. When you are installing multiple operating systems on a hard drive, it asks a location where you install the new operating system and before installing a new operating system, you format the selected location. When you select the wrong partition that contains useful data then those data may be deleted in such a way, resulting in severe data loss.
  • Antivirus can become the cause for data loss: When you install the antivirus while scanning if it finds any virus attack to a file present in hard drive then it deletes that file resulting in data loss.

Some important characteristics of this software are:

  • It performs the recovery of files, which are removed by antivirus while scanning.
  • It is helpful to recover hard drive.
  • It brings back the lost data from file system partition like FAT 16 and FAT 32 on Windows XP of 32 bit and 64 bit.
  • It recovers the erased partition because of re-installing the Windows Operating system.

The tool is beneficial to recover hard drive after format because formatting process comes before installing new Operating system procedure. It recovers the hard drive when you have formatted the old drive that has useful data while installing a new Operating system. Proper formatting before installing new OS avoids data loss.

The tool is used to recover data from failed hard drive, because of the failed hard drive yields data loss. The hard drive fails when you have data, which you cannot replace on the hard drive, and you do not have back up files. The hard drive failure includes bad quality of hard drive and amount of time you use the hard drive.

The software can retrieve the data from re-partitioned, reformatted, corrupted hard drive in a secure manner. It has the capacity to bring back the lost files nearly around 300 file types from hard disk drive. It has the ability to scan the failed hard drive to get back the erased files. The software is effective to restore the lost files from improper shutdown of computer while executing the programs and from virus attack to files present in hard drive.

Thus, after discussing all the characteristic features it is concluded that the tool is very expert to recover the hard drive and retrieve back the data from failed hard drive. Some precautions to be taken to avoid the data loss are, firstly do not start the computer, unplug the power supply and remove the hard drive from computer when hard drive failure occurs. Second, keep the numerous back up files which you need if the hard drive fails.