Simple Approach to Repair Outlook Data File (.pst)

What is Outlook Data File (.pst)?

Outlook data file is a database / catalog file which contains information of all stored messages, reminders, contacts, tasks, notes and journal information etc. on a computer and saved into two file formats as PST (personal storage table) and OST (offline storage table). PST file format is the most commonly used information saver on all accounts. Normally, there are three types of protocols used by people for retrieving and sending mails such as Post Office Protocol-3, Internet Message Access Protocol and SMTP.

What does Corrupted / Damaged PST means?

(.pst) is usually located under, Logical drive: \user\program files\Microsoft\Outlook. You can archive all the mails, reminders etc. to Outlook data file (.pst) and it is not subjected to mailbox size limits on mail server. By doing this you can free your mailbox space. But, the chances for the corruption of PST files get increased due to this archiving especially if you try to access PST file from network location. This leads to complete loss of all the items from that PST.

What are the Reasons Behind the Corruption of PST?

PST might get damage if you terminate or close the Outlook program oddly while it is still operating, resulting in unsaved PST files and it may not be accessible the next time when you open Outlook. Sometimes your Outlook application may get fail to open after updating which results in corrupting the PST file. Also stock pill capacity of PST file varies for different Outlook versions and if data on it exceeds more than its prescribed storage, its leads to corruption of PST.

Some of the other reasons like a bad sector located on the PST stored area, operating system corruption, hard disk failure, abrupt system shutdown etc. can also damage the PST file.

How to avoid Corruption of PST File?

  • Cultivate the habit of taking regular backup of PST file and store in on a safer place.
  • Never access the PST file from a network without proper checking.
  • Use only authorized recovery tool in the case of lost PST file.
  • Do not interrupt a backup process in the middle of it.

How to Repair Outlook PST file?

The inbuilt tool of the Outlook,“Scanpst.exe” is intended to fix the damaged PST file. But the tool works on only specific corruption issues and in most cases, it reports that the damaged file is healthy. In such cases, it can be only fixed using a professional “Outlook PST repair” application.

What are the Features of Outlook PST Fixer?

Safety of the source file first by, copying the original file contents from source so that your corrupted PST source file would not be corrupted further. Then it will repair that extracted contents and paste it into a new file. Outlook PST repair utility supports all versions of Microsoft Outlook like Outlook 2010, Outlook 2007, Outlook 2003, Outlook 2000, Outlook 2013 etc. Apart for that repair outlook PST repairs Password protected files and compressed PST files. With this tool, you can recover the email messages which are deleted from “Deleted items” folder too.

Repair Corrupt PST files with Inbox Repair Tool Outlook Software

Microsoft Outlook is widely used application in the world, which manages multiple emails accounts at one place. It also provides features like calendar, task manager, contact manger, journal, web browser, etc. Outlook store all important data into PST file which is known as Personal Storage Table. PST files can be used to keep backup of Outlook Data on your system. This PST file is very eager to get corrupted or damage due to various reasons.

Various Outlook versions provide different size of PST files, when the size of the data exceeds prescribed size of PST file, its get corrupted. To overcome this problem Outlook provides inbox repair tool, but unfortunately, this utility is capable to repair PST file with minor corruption. In case of severe corruption, It can’t fix PST file and throw error message “Scanpst.exe fails to repair”.

So, if you are getting the error message while using Microsoft Outlook inbox repair tool, this means PST file is severely corrupted and cannot be fixed by this inbuilt app. You need to use some reliable third-party tool like Inbox Repair Tool Outlook, which has powerful scanning algorithm and program to scan and fix all kinds of PST corruption. The best part of this utility is that it is read-only software, which makes certain that there will not be the further modification in original PST file.

Reasons behind corruption of PST file

Oversized PST File: PST file having limited storage capacity, which is varies from 2GB to 50GB with different version of Outlook. When data stored in PST file exceed this size it leads to PST file corruption.

Terminate Outlook Abnormally: Abnormal exiting from the program while working with PST file may lead to corruption of PST file. It may be due to abruptly shut down of System, or any other reason.

Virus Attack: Viruses are the unwanted program which tries to affect the property of the files and damage them, which lead to inaccessibility of the PST file.

Faulty Network Device: PST files can be shared over a server, if there is some network failure while accessing it may be lead to corruption of PST file.

Other Reasons: Despite above-mentioned scenarios there are many more reasons which may lead to damage of PST file such as unreliable recovery tool, upgrading Outlook without taking backup of PST file, etc. Where you can use this application to repair outlook inbox and PST file.

Predominant Features of the Inbox Repair Tool Outlook

  • It has powerful read-only algorithm which allows it to scan corrupted PST file, extract the data and write those in new healthy file.
  • It is efficient enough to fix corruption where Scanpst.exe fails to repair.
  • It has advanced search option which is capable to search your PST file on your system, it is helpful when you don’t know the exact location of PST file in your system.
  • It is capable to repair PST as well as OST file created on the various version of Outlook.
  • It provides real-time view of repaired items through Outlook style browser view.
  • Encrypted PST files also can be repaired successfully by this utility.
  • It can recover emails deleted from the deleted folder or any other folder.

Safe Outlook Data File Repair Techniques

Are you presently incapable to access to Outlook profile?  If so then you might be thinking which way to go? In the event if you don’t know the way!! Then you face a problem of losing all your valuable information from Outlook enduringly. In such state you desire significant third party software to pop round such conditions. Here is Microsoft Outlook repair software to repair Outlook corruption and it can save total data in easy steps. There are numerous reasons behind Outlook data loss, so it’s essential to identify them first. Later you will make out how this Outlook repair program facilitates you to repair Outlook issues.

Outlook corruption reasons are listed below:

Saving PST file over network: If the PST file is shaved over unsecured server then there is a possibility of PST file corruption. Once the PST file is damaged then the Outlook profile might be inaccessible and you could mislay essential data from it.

Harmful factors: Some external harmful factors like risky virus or spyware assaults to the PST file then it may be damaged and the Outlook turn out to be inaccessible.

Outlook upgradation: If you are previous Outlook version then could think to upgrade to recent versions of Outlook like Outlook 2007 and 2010. While upgrading if unforeseen power stoppage occurs then PST file could get corrupted and then results in loss of Outlook items.

Improper system termination: When your system gets turned off without exiting Outlook profile then the Outlook PST file might get corrupted and results in data loss.

Oversized PST file: Previous versions of Outlook have their PST file size limit up to 2 GB. When PST file size exceeds 2GB PST file size limit due to continuous accretion of data then PST file might get tarnished.

Whenever the Outlook PST file gets corrupted then there is a possibility of missing all its data. In such situations you have to install this Outlook file repair app to repair MS Outlook data. This app can repair the PST file by profound scan and then regains Outlook attributers like emails, tasks, calendar items, notes, contacts etc. Using this sophisticated program you are accomplished to repair the PST file header. It primarily scans and then repairs later extract all the information from it. The retrieved data is stored in recently produced PST file data. It can get back PST file which are formed on unlike Outlook versions that is Outlook 2000, 2003, 2007, 2010. It can repair the OST files also.

By making use of this software you can password protected and encrypted PST file data on all Windows OS based computers. Once the install this tool to mend the Outlook issues, you might seek out PST file if you do not recognize the position of PST file precisely. Download the demo edition and then install it on better drive and then run it, once the scan process is over then you preview the fixed file. In order to access the Outlook items you must have to buy complete version of this application.

PST file corruption

The PST is the most important part of Microsoft Outlook which is developed by Microsoft and named as Outlook PST. It is used to store personal information like messages, events, calendar and notes. It is a proprietary file format which facilitates good features like messaging and outlook facility within Microsoft software. It provides free specification and some other good features. This file format is known as Personal Storage Table (.pst) and Personal Address Book (.pab). Microsoft Outlook provides the best features to maintain a user Outlook profile with these many options such as: contacts, draft, Inbox, sent items, RSS feeds and junk E-mails etc. The messages, calendar, notes and other data items are delivered to Microsoft Exchange Server and stored in the server.

One can use PST file to better use of personal data and information about new e-mails, notes etc. If due to some cause PST file get corrupted, then you can repair it with no loss of data. How  can you handle this situation? You can do this by using Repair Outlook (PST) software. Suppose in your system, continuous .pst corruption happens, then how do you do this? You can repair your PST file which has created on outlook 2000-2010 using the tool and it also supports Offline Storage Table (OST) files. It offers to repair oversized files. You can complete the transfer of old items to a storage drive by clicking “Archive”m option mentioned in file menu. Also you can transfer your unused items by the AutoArchive option. If your outlook archive have corrupted, then what is the way to repair archive outlook? Repair software gives facility to fix problems of highly encrypted PST file formats.You can repair scanpst file if it will not work properly.

Reasons due to PST file corruption

If you have shut down the system suddenly without closing the Outlook profile, then it may damage your data. When the system reboots, you should close the file by saving it. Sometimes, you might get a message that the file is running in the background and you may not know that, then the system denies to shut down. If at that time the system will start rebooting, then after that you will find that your files are corrupted. Due to loading so many files at a time, your system may hang and if the .pst file is opened then the opened files may corrupt. If you are downloading files from internet and you have no anti-virus, then you may find your files including PST files corrupt.

Steps to fix PST file

  1. Initially you should download and install the software.
  2. Then it will show the option to open PST file.
  3. If you want normal scan, then you can click that otherwise click on smart scan.
  4. After that browse the source file and click on repair.
  5. According to the input it will scan and repair the PST file.


  1. Always use carefully Microsoft Outlook profile and save the PST file before other work starts.
  2. Always avoid hard drive failures and disk formatting.
  3. Don’t forget to keep a backup of your important PST files.
  4. Update the anti-virus and use the latest version.




Inaccessible PST File Repair Software

When users start facing problems on their Outlook PST files due to file corruption issues, they just feel lost. Usually on their Outlook account mostly users stores all of their crucial which is can be any official documents or it can be anyone’s personal details. File corruption either they have to recreate that same document once again or they should forget about that particular data as they cant access it any longer. But if those files you can make accessible again than how do you feel? Yes it’s true. You can actually get back access to those corrupted files once again as these files are repairable. All corrupted PST files you will be able to view after this file repair process will be over.

So many reasons of PST file corruption you may have come across. Initially when you face PST file corruption issues, you may try to repair them using the Inbox repair tool which won’t work in all file corruption scenarios according to your expectation. If in case this method won’t work, users go for some other solution, available on internet, which is useful to repair PST files on MS Outlook account? To repair a PST file on Outlook account, user first need to appoint the utility which is capable enough to fix all kind file corruption issues. PST are known to its user as the most useful email client as it stores emails and all other details. Along with this you can use this application to send or receive emails whenever you like to. It has some unique features for updated Outlook application. So this is the most preferable application among Outlook application users.

When matter comes to recover email from PST file users optionally try out different PST repairing tools among which some are really workable to repair your corrupted PST files. But it is also very required to gather proper information regarding the issues, responsible for file corruption issues. Some of which are mentioned here.

  • Software Related issues- Improper way of handling Outlook application is responsible for your Outlook file corruption issues. The saved PST files on MS Outlook get corrupted or damaged due to suddenly turning off your system or suddenly closing the Outlook application. It is mostly required to use the right kind of repair tool to repair archive PST file.
  • A large number of harmful viruses attack your Outlook PST files and causes file corruption issues. Viruses which are responsible for PST file corruption are BleBla, worm explore zip, and Melissa etc. These viruses are actually responsible for PST file header corruption problem due to which all contents of those files also get damaged.
  • Main corruption problems may arise due to larger sized PST files. Its depends upon different MS Outlook editions. With changeable format the maximum file size also changes But in case you store more and more files and the PST file get over sized, then possibly your stored files may get removed from Outlook Inbox folder.

Along with the PST file repairing procedure, this software is capable to do PST file recovery with the use of Repair PST File software. Any Outlook user can use this utility once their PST documents get corrupted and they like to repair it. Its available demo version will allow you to go through its features to fix corrupted PST files and restore back inaccessible emails.

How to repair oversized PST file

PST means personal storage table file, which is used on Microsoft Outlook to hold user data. Outlook PST file may have every information related to your Outlook profile, emails and other attributes like contacts, journals, to – do tasks, calendar items, etc. This formatting can also be referred to as Personal Folder File or Personal Address Book. PST file may also used on other Microsoft client applications like Microsoft exchange server. Microsoft Outlook is one of the popular email client preferred by people around the globe. It might store emails and also other Outlook items within the PST file size limit.

Earlier Outlook versions like Outlook 2000, 2002, have a PST file of size 2 GB. So, an individual should store information in this limit. Suppose, this size limit is exceeded, the Outlook might have to go decelerate its performance. You possibly will not able to use Outlook further in order to store anymore data. Your Outlook won’t work effectively in the event the PST file reaches its limit so that you cannot open PST and store anymore data into it. As a way to overcome from such problem, you should repair this large PST file. Outlook is just not having any inbuilt tool to fix it but you’re able to do it, with the help of some 3rd party applications for example Outlook PST repair software, irrespective of reasons behind PST file corruption.

To be able to recover oversized PST file, Outlook will not have any inbuilt tools. But, you are able to avoid reaching PST file towards the limit using service pack furnished by the Microsoft with Outlook. As soon as the PST file reached for the maximum size, the advanced service pack will not permit you to store anymore facts about Outlook. However, if your PST file exceeded its large size, Outlook can not perform functions like send emails; add contacts, sending meeting requests, making notes, etc. Still, the Microsoft can offer external software to recoup PST file that may bring your large PST file in its working state. But, after succeeding to extract PST file you may miss some Outlook items and which may loss permanently.

Under such critical situation you should use other commercial PST file repair tools. You can get large number of Outlook recovery applications online. Before you going to make utilization of any recovery tool, first check whether it is well liked tool or not. You should know Outlook version and operating-system that you simply choosing in your computer since you must ensure how the recovery software program is supported to repair PST file on your system. Suppose you’ve Outlook 2003 which is bust properly as a consequence of oversized PST file. Then you can definitely use Outlook 2003 PST repair software, to overcome out of this critical situation. Thus, you can find PST repair software for just about any version of Outlook. One particular tool which is capable to repair PST file on any version of Outlook is Microsoft Outlook PST repair software.

Employing this PST repair software you can fix each of the errors related to large size PST file. It is possible to fix large PST file employing this software on all versions of Outlook for example Outlook 2000, 2002, 2003, 2007, 2010, etc. It might retrieve all details from the PST file such as emails, attachments, etc in their original format because it is not going to make changes on PST file information while recovering it. Even, use the trial form of this software for those who have question with this software. The demo version of this tool enables that to view the recovered items and save them making use of licensed version of the software.