Approach to unformat Windows formatted partitions

Windows based pc is heard wherever there exits computer systems. Microsoft introduced Windows operating system and then there was many compilation of this OS. The actual latest version is Windows 8. Till today Windows is the sole heart for many of the computer systems. On Windows system the tough drive random access memory to store information is exactly divided into isolated sections called Partitions.

Each partition could have certain memory space that can be changed in accordance with user needs and also the file system too. File strategy is the way to store, retrieve and access the data with a drive. In simple words it is the technique of organizing the data on drives.
Each partition might have different file system to handle data stored in those partitions. Various file systems supported on Windows OS are FAT16, FAT32, FAT64, NTFS, NTFS5 and ExFAT file systems. Of many in the system hard disk drives the default file strategy is FAT. However you can invariably upgrade the file system through the re-format process. Both the processes, format and re-format will empty the data from hard drive and therefore you’ll lose when it is performed without precautions like creating backup data, etc. Assume an issue wherein you formatted a partition thinking that you have got backup of required data. But later, you were shocked for losing every one of the precious data because you had forget to take backup. If this can be the case you have then you’ve to work with unformat Windows partition recovery software. The application is well versed in recovering formatted partitions. Here are several more options wherein the partition data gets deleted due to formatting:

  • Formatting wrong partition – When you have planned to format any partition if you accidentally select some other partition rather than actual one then your data stored in the formatted partition will probably be definitely lost. Thereby you’ll have to face data loss.
  • Corrupt file system – You might have come across some error messages like ‘This drive is just not formatted. Will you format it now?’ This type of error messages will appear because of corrupt file system. File system is the way in which the info is accessed on partitions or drives and when it gets corrupt due to virus then this partition has to be formatted.
  • Complete drive format during OS re-installation – While re-installation of main system there are particular times wherein the task will ask that you format complete drive. And without performing format you can’t proceed. Thus you’ll forcefully format the drive and lose all your data.
  • Installing multiple OS on a single system – Computer users utilize multiple operating systems for a passing fancy system to be able to make use of the system utilities for greater extent. Although installing the multiple OS if your process insists upon perform partition format then a data from that partition will probably be lost.

In any manner you lose data due to formatting or re-formatting, you needn’t worry prior to the random access memory of the drive isn’t overwritten. If it’s overwritten with any new data then this information is lost permanently. Prior to formatted partition memory space is overwritten utilize partition recovery software and unformat partition data easily. If you are searching for any good recovery software then you can certainly prefer this ultimate software. The characteristics of the software are:

  • Easy data recovery from formatted partitions on Windows OS.
  • Effectively restores formatted data from various file systems like FAT, NTFS, ExFAT, etc.
  • Recovers data from formatted drives like system drives, USB drives, flash memory devices, etc.
  • Recovers data that is lost due to format errors, re-installation of OS, corrupt file systems, etc.

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