Formatted USB Recovery

Yesterday, I got into an awkward situation after formatting my USB drive. For enhancing the features of USB, I decided to convert the FAT file system of USB drive to NTFS. I was able to successfully convert the drive to NTFS but the absurd thing happened with me is, I forgot to take the backup of essential files in the drive before converting it. But right after doing that I realized my mistake. Now I am trawling for the best possible way to recover formatted USB drive.

Many users’ might have arrived at this sort of situation before; they will probably curse themselves for the one second lapse in consciousness leading to loss of files from USB drive. In reality, the files they consider have lost from USB drive are not actually lost; they still reside in the USB drive itself. The fact is that you have lost access to the files as the addresses of the files have been deleted due to formatting. To recover formatted USB you can rely on professional third party tools like Recover Formatted USB which allows safe recovery process.

Users have the tendency of storing numerous files in USB drive that includes photos, documents, videos, music files, etc. Most people are not comfortable with their large sized PC or laptop, and this tends to increase the value of USB drives. The small size and huge capacity makes it much more preferable, even though people are well aware about the fact that it is susceptible to data loss situations. Let’s find out some of the common causes that lead to the formatting of USB device.

Various possibilities that lead to formatting of USB drive

  • Error messages: It is common with USB devices, after connecting USB drive to the computer; user might receive error messages like “drive is not formatted. Do you want to format it now?” These sorts of error messages arise when your system is unable to recognize the USB drive’s file system. The only option in front of the user is to go with format to make the drive accessible and this will erase the files present in the USB drive. If you don’t go with format, your USB drive will stay inaccessible.
  • Accidental formatting: There may also be instances when user might format the USB drive instead of formatting the local hard drive partition. This happens all of a sudden, this will erase all the contents from USB drive.
  • Intentional formatting: For removing viruses from the USB drive, user might have to format the USB drive. In case, if users don’t have the updated backup of USB drive, he/she might lose the entire data from USB drive.

As you know after formatting the USB drive, all the files present in the drive will get erased. Not many users know that it’s not the files which get deleted but it’s the registry of the files are getting deleted. What it means is that, by formatting the USB drive a new file system is getting created in your drive that allocates space to store new files. Actually you previously saved files are still inside the USB drive, but it is inaccessible. It is highly recommended not to use the device to store any new files, which helps in complete formatted USB recovery. To access the files you can avail the services of Recover Formatted USB tool.

Recover Formatted USB software is a professional tool that helps in recovering data from formatted USB drive. It is one of finest application that helps in safe formatted USB data recovery from Windows as well as Mac PC. It has the ability to recover file formats of various file types such as images, documents, video, audio, compressed documents, etc.

Major features of Recover Formatted USB

  • The application scans the entire USB drive using efficient scanning algorithms which contributes highly in safe recovery of formatted USB drive.
  • Besides formatted USB drive, this application can also be used to recover formatted SD card, CF card, MMC, SDHC, SDXC, MicroSD and other memory cards.
  • It has the ability to retrieve files from SanDisk, Transcend, Kingston, Sony, HP, iBall, Imation and all other USB manufacturer brands.
  • Demo version of Recover Formatted USB allows users to preview the files recovered from USB drive, user can save the recovered files after grabbing the full version of the software.

Recover all your lost files from memory stick within few minutes

Generally, any flash card storage device has a FAT32 file system in order that it can perform efficiently with both computers and camera. This card can be used to store different multimedia which may range as much as 2 TB in size. Memory stick stores pictures even when it doesn’t have a power supply, thus which makes it an extremely useful gadget Over these cards pictures lost because of human/system failure may be retrieved by only use of Flash Card Recovery Software.

There are many circumstances which may lead anyone to lose data from their memory stick like Excess read/write cycles, File system corruption, memory stick corruption, accidental format, accidental deletion, system shut down, virus outbreak, etc. Let’s discuss some of the error which can occur and methods to sort them out. Suppose you’re the novice in making use of camera and while trying to get accustomed to it, you accidentally formatted the memory stick. So what’s to be carried out this tragic situation??? You needn’t worry; if you wish to get back those files you can easily have them by use of flash card recovery tool which may easily recover pictures from memory sticks.

Another prominent kind of data loss on memory stick occurs because of corruption of flash card. Flashcard corruption can happen as a result of a number of reasons like file system corruption, improper removal of the stick, virus attack, etc. from data transfer process. When the card gets corrupted its files becomes inaccessible which can’t be read or written. So to be able to access those files like pictures you need to have recovery tool like Flash Card Recovery Software which is efficient to perform such tasks. A few of the prominent characteristics of this tool are:

  • It may also recover raw photos such as CRW, CR2, NEF, X3F, RAF, SR2, ARW, etc.
  • It may also work for different cards such as SD card, XD card, MMC card, etc.
  • Recovered photos may be saved to the desired drive.
  • Recovered files may be categorized on the basis of name, size, type, date of creation, etc.
  • It can simply work upon different versions of OS.
  • It scans whole memory stick to revive data within minutes.
  • It has the capacity to restore photos of different file signatures.
  • It offers you an option to preview your entire pictures before restoring it to any device.

There are specific issues that need to be looked after before retrieval of all desired photos as it was originally, which are:

  • Stop any more utilization of stick for where you desire to retrieve your files.
  • Download and installation of your software at the different location to ensure that overwriting doesn’t take place.

Thus by visualizing Flash Card Recovery Software outstanding features, we are able to suggest that, it may be employed in order to recover deleted pictures from memory stick.You can easily download this tool for evaluation purpose.

Tool to recover lost data from pen drive

Have you recently misplaced a number of your documents from hard drive, and seeking for any tool, which can recuperate them? In case your reply is “YES” then you can go for Unformat Drive software. This tool scans complete hard disk within couple of minutes and gets back all lost or deleted files from hard disk. Normally people think that when any file is accidentally deleted then it cannot be recovered. However, this is incorrect whenever you delete any file only its pointer is erased only and the file remains on hard disk as long as the file position is assigned to some other file.

Sometimes pen drive has been corrupted due to virus attack. Therefore, if you want to make use of pen drive yet again, then you have to format it first. As soon as the pen drive is formatted, entire data in pen drive is erased. So what exactly you will do in such condition? You should not have to take tension in this situation! The tool “Unformat drive” can recover formatted pen drive easily. This tool is well outfitted to track and recover data from pen drive.

There are numerous of a situation, which can cause loss of any file from pen drive like improper elimination of pen drive, unintentional deletion of files, File System corruption of pen drive, virus attack, etc. Let us talk about a couple of the circumstances, which cause loss of data from pen drive. Sometimes it happens that individuals just delete some files from pen drive thoughts that it can be easily recovered from recycle bin. However, when he checks recycle bin for recovery he is astonished to find out that it is not there. No deleted files from pen drive is moved to recycle bin. Thus by doing such an act, it costs permanent data loss. Now if you want to recover accidentally deleted files from pen drive then it can be recovered by utilizing the tool Unformat Drive effortlessly.

Some of the additional features of this software are:

  • It has got quick and simple GUI
  • It rapidly scans the whole pen drive and provide grid view of the files that can be recovered
  • Recovers files lost due to regular usage of same pen drive on different device for example computer, Laptop, etc
  • It has preview choice to ensure that files which can be recovered
  • Capable to recoup data from different file system like FAT16, FAT32 etc

We require addressing certain subject before restoring files are:

  • Do not formatting of your pen drive after data loss
  • If you have lost/deleted pernicious files pen drive then stop making use of it immediately
  • Do not store new file on the pen drive since it may result in the permanent loss of data

Thus screening its exciting characteristic, we can state that it is proficient to revive file from pen drive like Hp, Kingston etc. You can obtain this recovery tool from internet trial use.

Approach to recover USB drive data

USB is a small portable flash storage device, with which users can conveniently transfer data from one storage device to another. An USB device can either be a pen drive, thumb drive, memory card, iPod or external hard drive. These devices are very small and can be carried in a pocket, which can be easily plugged into any computer with USB port. Nowadays, people depend on these devices to carry very important files and folders. The memory storage of these devices ranges from Megabytes to some Gigabytes.

However, the main disadvantage of these drivers is that they can be easily broken or prone to corruption due to logical errors. This results in huge amount of data loss from these USB devices. Generally, these logical errors are caused due to the virus attack on the USB drives. And the only way to recover the data is from a backup. But when people often don’t backup their USB drives data, then they need recover USB software to recover their data back. Some common scenarios which are responsible for data loss are defined below:

  • Accidental Deletion: Accidentally deleting files from USB flash drive which fails to get stored in the recycle bin
  • Format: Formatting the USB flash drive by mistake containing your important data
  • Virus attack: Deadly virus or malware attack on the USB drive due to which files get hidden or deleted
  • Improper ejection: Removing USB drive while transferring data between USB device and computer or vice versa also result in data loss
  • Other reasons: Other reasons for data loss include power failure, electro-static discharge, OS corruption and many more

The important thing after any data loss situation from any USB drive is to stop using the device. Because any new data to that USB drive results in overwriting of the deleted data making recovery impossible.

This is one of the finest USB recovery software to recover data from your USB devices, no matter how you lost it. The software uses advanced built-in algorithm to identify and recover all your lost and deleted data from your USB device. Additionally it not only recovers data from USB drives but also supports recovery of data from formatted internal hard disk and many other storage drives. You ca avoid these scenarios by keeping some basic thing in mind.

  • Do regular backup of your USB drives before performing any delete
  • Immediately stop using the USB drive after format operation
  • Make use of an updated antivirus program to delete virus and malware
  • Use “Read-only” option to protect your important files
  • Don’t remove your USB drive forcefully

USB recovery software is the simplest way to recover data from a USB drive on Windows OS. With this tool, you can even recover data from CF, SD, SDHC, XD card. It uses advanced algorithms to perform a deep scan. It also facilitates you to preview recovered USB files before saving. To use this application you can download free trial version from internet. Estimate the result of demo version if you are happy with its feedback then go for its full version to save recovered data.