How to Recover Text from Damaged Document File on Windows and Mac?

“Hi!! Yesterday morning, I am working on Word document and suddenly my logo_word_256system crashed and when I try to reopen the Word file it shows an error message like “File is corrupted and can’t be opened”. I have tried many times to reopen those Word file and other methods to recover it but none of them works. I want to recover text from damaged Word doc so please anyone resolves this type of error and repair my Word document.”

When a Word file is corrupted or damaged don’t get worried as you can opt Repair Microsoft Word software to recover text from damaged Word doc wit utmost ease. This software is capable of repairing damaged or corrupted Word file and retrieve text from it within few mouse clicks.

Reasons for loss of texts from Word Document:

  • Power outage
  • HDD/DVD/CD failure
  • Incorrect work third-party software
  • Software crash
  • Due to user error
  • Incorrect firewall work
  • False-positive mistake by antivirus software
  • Virus infection
  • Hardware failure
  • Accidental system shutdown
  • Round-tripping (user may frequently change the Word file format to other which results in corruption of file and leads to loss of data from it.)
  • Software conflicts
  • Damage of file header
  • CRC error
  • Compatibility issues
  • Corruption of Word file due to Microsoft Word upgrade
  • OS re-installation
  • File transfer error

In all above-mentioned scenarios, Word document can gets damaged or corrupt and results in inaccessibility of text and other info from it. User may worry about how to recover text from damaged Word doc. In such circumstances, you can use Repair Microsoft Word software to restore text and other information from the Word documents within few mouse clicks.

Features of Repair Microsoft Word software:

  • This software is capable of retrieving text from damaged Word document and resolving all types of errors related to Word document.
  • The software has advanced scanning algorithms as well as a user-friendly interface which helps the user to operate the utility easily and effectively.
  • It repairs Word document file that is created in MS Word such as 2013, 2010, 2007, 2003, and 2000.
  • This software is trustworthy as it doesn’t alter or modify the original content of Word document during the repairing process. It extracts the contents and resolve it and creates a new copy of that file.
  • This utility is compatible with Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows Server 2008 and Windows 2003.
  • It helps you to recover texts, charts, images, graphic tables, etc. from Word documents.
  • It also repairs corrupted or damaged encrypted Word document of file types DOCX and DOC without modifying its contents.
  • You can try the demo version of Repair Microsoft Word software to analyze the tool. It is similar to the full version of the software except the “Saving” option which is disabled in demo version. You can use “preview” option to view the repaired Word document and save the repaired files once you activated the software.