Know How to Recover Data from Damaged Partition

Have you ever been faced the problem of partition damage and eagerly searching for a recovery tool to perform damaged partition recovery. If yes, then instead of wasting your time make use of reliable software named RAW Partition Recovery software. This software is supported on all versions of Windows operating system and effectively recovers the deleted or lost data from HDD partition in a hassle free manner.

Recover data from damaged partition

Hard drive is one of the most important storage devices in computers, laptops, etc. It is used to store data such as images, audio, video, spread sheets, documents, software, etc.  It is divided into several partitions, where each partition stores different data for better performance of the system. But due to some unavoidable reasons like accidental deletion, unintentional formatting, bad sectors, etc. the data gets deleted or lost from the hard drive partition.

If this situation occurs don’t get tensed because you can recover data from the HDD partition with the help of the reliable software called RAW Partition Recovery software. This application scans the entire hard drive and recovers the lost or deleted data within few minutes.

Causes due to which partition gets damaged:

  • File System Corruption: File system is used to keep track of the entire files and responsible for the read or write operation in the hard drive. If it gets corrupted due to any reasons then it will results in the damage of partition and the user cannot able to access any data from it.
  • Error in OS Up-gradation: While upgrading the OS older version to newer version, if any interruption occurs then it results in the damage of the partition.
  • Interruption While Creating New Partition: At the time of creating, re-sizing, and re-partitioning the hard drive using unreliable third party applications, if any interruption occurs then it will lead to the damage of partition.
  • Malware Intrusion: If a partition on the hard disk is severely affected with virus, then there may be a chance of damage of that partition.
  • Other Causes: Some other causes responsible for hard drive partition are a presence of bad sectors on hard drive, an effect of unreliable third-party applications, errors while creating the new partition, errors while changing the file system, etc.

Outstanding Features of RAW Partition Recovery Software:

  • This software performs damaged partition recovery on various versions of Windows operating system such as Microsoft Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows Server 2003 and server 2008.
  • It is used to recover deleted data from various memory storage devices like pen drives, USB drive, hard disk drives, memory cards, etc.
  • This application has a capability of recovering the data from formatted, inaccessible, damaged, and corrupted hard drives.
  • It recover data from damaged partition of hard drives types like SATA, SCSI and IDE on Windows and Mac OS.
  • This tool is also used to restores the data from FAT, FAT32, NTFS, NTFS5, ExFAT, etc. file systems.
  • It consists of save recovery session feature in order to skip the re-scanning of hard drive partition.