Restore files from Windows partition

You want to access files on the hard drive and its giving message like the files are inaccessible and it is asking to format your hard drive partition. If you do agree to format the Windows partition then there is no more doubt that you will loss whole data of that particular partition. Generally, we create hard drive partition when we want to use different operating system on the same computer. Alternatively, you can easily manage the huge amount of data by creating hard disk partitions. This deletion problem of hard drive partition is very common among the users. To get back the deleted files as they were before, recover deleted Windows partition tool is required.

The New Technology File System (NTFS) is more updated file system than FAT file system. This file system is more secure and advance file system for Windows computers. Whichever file system is present on your Windows computer, there is always a chance of file loss from the hard drive or hard drive partitions. To recover those lost files, you must use NTFS recovery software on Windows computers. After using the software, you will be able to retrieve the complete hard drive partition at a time.

AS we know how the hard drive partition is to be recovered, we should also have the information that how the hard drive partitions or the data from the hard drive is deleted. If the file system of the hard drive i.e. the NTFS file system gets corrupt, then the hard drive will be inaccessible. While you are working on Windows PC and you are not able to run the OS and the computer is not opening or it is not booting properly then chances of data loss are more. Sometimes if any type of damage occurs in your master boot record then it will be impossible to run the operating system on your computer. Sudden power off is the scenario which we often faced while using the computer. While working on your system, if unexpectedly it starts the reboot process, then it might lead to loss of data from the hard drive partition loss. When something happens like a hard drive is damaged then all the data becomes unreachable for you. At that moment, you will definitely look for the software, which will solve the problem of file loss.

NTFS recovery software has the ability to perform the whole recovery of the hard drive in a very decent manner. It is very easy to handle and faster process. This software has the ability to perform the data recovery from all types of hard drives such as SATA, SCSI, IDE, etc. This tool supports data recovery from FAT 16, FAT 32, NTFS, or NTFS 5 partitions. On Windows 7, XP and Vista, this software works with the same effort. To check its effectiveness, you need to download the demo version of the software. Using this software, you can check all the features or effectiveness of the software. But, to save the recovery session you just need to purchase the software.